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Pickleball Temporary Rules
(Effective December 17, 2020) 

-- All existing Tennis Rules & Regulations posted online apply to Pickleball players. 
-- Pickleball can only be played on the Northeast Hard Court
Good Neighbor Reminders:
* Use considerate voice levels. 
* Play at your own risk - Boca Highland Beach Club and Marina, Inc. assumes no responsibility for anyone. 
Rules of Play:
Only Foam Pickleballs may be used – Plastic Pickleballs NOT ALLOWED. 
* Only approved USAPA Pickleball Paddles may be used. 
Hours of play will be limited to: Monday-Friday Only:
                 Morning hours: 9:00am – 10:30am
                 Evening hours: 3:00pm – 5:00pm 
Play is limited to 4 participants at a time. 
* Residents will be required to acknowledge receipt of and agree to rules of participation. 
* Participation is for owners, lessees and registered over-night guests. 
* Players shall not use the Carron House parking lot. 

Tennis & Pickleball “Social Distancing” Rules in effective until further notice:

-Only the players are allowed on the court during their reservation time. No spectators inside the court.

-Clay court players are asked to enter and exit through the east door when playing on the east court and enter and exit through the west door when playing on the west court. 

-Players must practice “6 ft. social distancing”. No shaking hands, no high 5’s, and no physical contact.

-Players are encouraged to bring a drink to the court instead of drinking from the water fountain.

-Courtside restrooms will be open.

-Players are asked to leave the court immediately after their reservation and clean up any trash.

-Players not following these rules are subject to losing tennis court privileges.

-Courts will be monitored to insure these rules are being followed.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Board of Directors, Boca Highland Beach Club & Marina, Inc.


Courts 1 & 2 (North) are hard court. Courts 3 & 4 (South) are Har-Tru.

Please have your guests park their cars in the designated spots at your respective buildings and residences.

A list of residents looking for games can be found on the site's Bulletin Board. Please check our GAME FINDER
and ask to be added if looking for people to play with. 

Welcome to our online tennis booking system. It is only available to Boca Highland residents. If you have not created an account in the past, please follow these directions:

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2) Username: your email address.

3) Your Building ID: enter based on your building's initials and your unit number: Examples only - insert your own unit number: Aberdeen Arms - AA101; Braemar Isle - BI101; Carron House - CH101; Dalton Place - DP101; Grand Cay - GC101; Evanton Baye - EBTH101.  If you lease your unit, please add an L after your unit number (e.g. AA101L). Do not simply list your building name.

If you have any questions or problems, please email: or contact the office at (561) 391-2461. 

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