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Welcome to our new online tennis booking system.

For users of our previous booking system or for those residents who have their email address on file with the Boca Highland Management Office:

1) Username: your email address.

2) Password: use the same password as you have logged on in the past. If you have never created a password, please use 10shighland and update your password once logged in.

3) Note that your former Username is now your Building ID.

If the Boca Highland Office doesn't have a record of your email address in their files:

1) Please click on the 'Create An Account' button on the left side of this page.

2) Username: your email address.

3) Your Building ID: enter based on your building's initials and your unit number: Example: Aberdeen Arms - AA101; Braemar Isle - BI101; Carron House - CH101; Dalton Place - DP101; Grand Cay - GC101; Evanton Baye - EBTH101.  If you lease your unit, please add an L after your unit number (e.g. AA101L).

If you have any questions or problems, please contact the office at (561) 391-2461.

 See a demonstration video
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